Tattoo Care - Gunk vs. the good stuff April 17 2014

Tattoo Care

Getting a tattoo is a big deal to your skin and any good tattoo artist is going to spend some time telling you how to take care of your tattoo after you leave their shop. I peppered my artist with all sorts of questions and left with her standard full sheet of specific instructions.

Many of the tattoo care products out there are petroleum or PABA based and I had a hard time putting that gunk on my skin just to help my tattoo heal. It did heal, but the tattoo was really itchy, peeled a lot and needed another hour of follow up work, so frustrating. I felt like I had failed my skin.

After the touch up, I followed all the regular instructions but substituted cocoa butter for the first week instead of the gunk. I would warm a few pieces of coca butter in my fingers until it was soft enough to apply easily. For the second through third weeks I used my Calendula Cream. The result? It never got itchy and there was no more peeling. In fact, it looked and felt great the entire time and still does 2 1/2 years later!

It's important to follow those instructions on cleanliness and more, but it's nice to know that tattoos don't need the gunk either!