Worried about tree nut allergies and Sweet Almond oil as an ingredient? Let me share our story. October 01 2014

Navigating allergens for yourself or a family member can be quite daunting. I don't make this kind of statement lightly since I know all about it. My oldest son was diagnosed with a tree nut allergy over 15 years ago. I was years into my skincare business and was horrified to think about how many gallons of sweet almond oil had touched my kitchen counters over those years.

Luckily, our allergist was quick to explain that the protein in the raw nuts is what triggers my son's reaction and that the heat produced during the process of expeller pressing almonds (mechanically grinding and compressing), effectively removes the allergen protein from the resulting oil.  

My business continued to grow along with my son and I never took any extra precautions with using Sweet Almond oil as an ingredient and he freely used all of my products. He eventually outgrew his tree nut allergy approximately 10 years after his diagnosis. Every family is different and I respect all the parents out there making the best choices they can for their loved ones.