Buzz about Caroline's Dream on the web December 05 2014

Rebecca from Historic Nature Time Machine gave a wonderful review of our products on her blog. This is the full article but please check out her blog when you get a chance, it's delightful!

Beeswax Skincare by Caroline's Dream

Buzz off, chemicals and parabens.  Hello beeswax!

And why not?  It's an incredible natural product created by bees that also provides many benefits in skincare.  Right now there are creative, clever people out there formulating face & body creams, lip balms, and salves, all based on this beneficial ingredient.  One such person is Susan from Caroline's Dream.  She has an all natural skincare range based on beeswax that is sourced right in the beautiful state of Vermont.  
For almost 20 years Susan has worked passionately on perfecting the art of beeswax-based products, and the results are worth shouting out from the rooftops!  All of Caroline's Dream products are made from whole ingredients (Paleo certified).  This means no preservatives or parabens.
I've had an eye opening experience trying out the different products from Caroline's Dream and I'm excited to tell you all about them!  Creams are luxuriously fluffy and light.  Balms go on smooth and salves melt right into the skin.  And they have a beautiful range of scents, from earthy to heavenly!
product review by Historic Nature Time Machine
Creams for Face & Body
Lavender + Sandalwood Cream  This is my favorite!  It smells amazing, and its anti-inflammation properties help my hands heal after a full day of gardening and working on the house.  Ingredients include: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, organic essential oil of lavender, essential oil of sandalwood, and Vermont beeswax.
Peppermint Forest Foot Cream  Easy to apply & absorbs well.  Makes feet feel soft and refreshed!  Ingredients include: sweet almond oil, coconut oil, Vermont beeswax, essential oils of fir needle, organic essential oil of peppermint, and sandalwood essential oil.
Lavender + Geranium Cream  This cream is ace for the face and works well with normal to oily/combination skin.  It has a fresh scent (like an herb garden in the morning) and leaves skin soft without any residue.  Ingredients include: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils of lavender and geranium, and Vermont beeswax.    
Calendula Cream  This may have a subtle fragrance, but it's powerful stuff!  Delightfully fluffy texture and ultra soft result, possibly the best for softness out of all the creams.  Ingredients include: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil infused with calendula, and Vermont beeswax.
These medicinal salves, especially the Super Skin Salve, have the most amazing, earthy fragrances and so far have done a great job at relieving my gardening hands and dry winter elbows.  Ingredients in the Super Skin Salve include: coconut oil, olive oil infused with organic comfrey and calendula, Vermont beeswax, shea and cocoa butters, organic essential oils of rosemary, organic tea tree, and organic lavender.
I'm not currently suffering any fungus ailment but when I do I will be reaching for the Relief Salve!  It has a deep, woodsy scent.  Ingredients include: olive oil infused with black walnut, organic comfrey and calendula, Vermont beeswax, organic tea tree essential oil.
Lip Balms 
All three of the lip balms go on smooth and absorb nicely (just like a beeswax lip balm should)!  It was difficult to decide on which was my top choice so I decided to describe each one based on their delicious fragrance.  
Peppermint  I love how this lip balm feels on chapped lips.  It gives a nice tingly sensation and smells yummy minty fresh!  Ingredients include: sweet almond oil, Vermont beeswax, olive oil infused with organic  calendula, organic peppermint essential oil.
Mountain Maple Lip Balm
Sweet Orange  If you want something delicious on your lips, this is it!  The citrus scent is like a warm summer day.  Ingredients include: sweet almond oil, Vermont beeswax, olive oil infused with organic calendula, organic sweet orange essential oil.
Mountain Maple  How could anyone turn down a lip balm called "Mountain Maple"?  It's very similar to actual maple syrup, but without any artificial flavoring!  I keep this in my handbag at all times.  Ingredients include: sweet almond oil, Vermont beeswax, olive oil infused with organic calendula, and natural flavors.

Why not try out this wholesome ingredient in your skincare regime
 and start reaping the benefits of one of nature's most fascinating ingredients!  
Visit the online shop at Caroline's Dream and have a look at their exciting range of goodies!