It's all about you!

Don't get me wrong, I love when something is all about me. Especially when it comes to doing business.

I like to know that my money is not just purchasing products, it's also paying for great customer service and I want you to feel the same.

On Friday, a customer let me know there was a shipping error with her order. We email chatted about the problem and I had a new box heading out to her within two hours. 

It can be intimidating to speak up but please know that I appreciate and value the opportunity to fix problems. My customers are the best and I look out for them, every step of the way!

Photo By Trent Campbell (when I had less hair)

I have customers who pick up their orders specifically so that we have a few minutes to catch up when they are in East Middlebury. Some call me for the same reason instead of placing their orders online. Others are active on social media to share stories and life on Instagram.

This past week, I made the decision to close my personal and Caroline's Dream Facebook pages. I don't appreciate that Facebook secretly decided who got to see posts and who didn't as if it was some sort of worthiness contest. Life and business is about developing relationships and social media is supposed to encourage those moments as much as possible. 
You are welcome to call, email, arrange a meet-up or follow on Instagram. Or NOT - that's cool too!