More about Caroline

Customers love that my business is named after my grandmother, Caroline. She is not of myth or legend but a real woman that should never be confused with being ordinary. She was the daughter of two celebrated artists: father William known for his pen and ink magazine work and paintings and mother Grace for seed catalog illustrations.



In my eyes, Caroline's talent shone in everyday items such as the quilts and crochet work she made for her family. I have four of her quilts and enough Christmas tree decorations to decorate several trees at a time! She was prolific and kept her three children and their families well supplied over the years. She crocheted entire fashion lines for Barbie & Ken dolls and I witnessed her joy in sharing work with the people she loved. 


Caroline Nortenheim quilt


Her large garden had a supply of fresh veggies on hand throughout the summer. I remember the abundance of herbs and flowers marked the season in planting, growth and harvest. She made my favorite homemade waffles with honey when we visited and bread dough was continually rising or baking in the house. She had multiple floor to ceiling bookshelves absolutely stuffed with books that she read often. I will also call out her passion for soap operas, leather moccasins and wild, Hawaiian print fabrics. She was not one to hide who she was from the world.


Caroline and my Grandfather, Ed were world travelers who enjoyed visiting our national parks. I got to enjoy a few local adventures in their Volkswagon pop up van (pic is a van similar to theirs). They owned a hunting cabin in northwestern PA that had the coldest, most delicious water I have ever tasted and an outhouse that made me cry more than once because of the spiders. 

Sadly, Caroline died when I was still a teenager but her work ethic and pride in handcrafting was the inspiration to start my company. She was a strong advocate in learning to value both beauty and function. I wish she could have seen my business in action but I have no doubt she would see shades of herself in the path I have chosen.