Don't take my word for it!

Don't take my word for it!

Can you hear the screen door squeak as you come in from a long day out in the heat? Gardening, hiking, cycling (go ahead and insert your favorite summer activity here). My products are always waiting to sooth, moisturize and rejuvenate. 

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Lip Balm Three Pack

So many good things to say about these lip products! They're handmade/homemade, natural, smooth, not sticky, refreshing, and delicious!! They're affordable and always shipped free!!! Thank you, [Susan], for your wonderful products!!! =) - Sheila



I got a stellar performance out of this deodorant, which I ordered last week. I wanted to give it a real run for its money before I reviewed it. I attended the Annual Memorial Day Bolder Boulder 10K Race, as a spectator, in 85 degrees and blistering sun. It was a long walk to the stadium where I sat for two hours enjoying the race. The humid bathroom at the stadium was probably 100 degrees, and I was dripping sweat as I helped my toddler granddaughter use the facilities. Yes, I was drenched. No, I didn't stink of BO. I woke up this morning with too much to do before showering, including taking a 1.5-mile walk outside in the sun. The deodorant from yesterday morning was still going strong. Sorry for the graphic account of the story. I wanted to report that Caroline's Dream Deodorant withstood a real-life challenge. It smells clean, light and fresh. Great job, Susan! Finally, something I can rely on that's all-natural and body-friendly! - Pamela 


Let me tell you how much I love this product. I got my husband to set up his video equipment so I could tell the world something important. Was it to let people know about my own small business? No! We made the video so I could let everyone know that this scrub is a fantastic way to take care of your skin. Yay for gentle exfoliation! Yay for all natural ingredients! Yay for Caroline's Dream! - Joanna