Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you really make all the products yourself?

A: Absolutely. Caroline's Dream is a one woman operation. I do all the formulating, production, packaging, shipping & marketing. I've had two interns over the years who worked a couple of weeks for experience. I have been known if orders get a little nutty, to ask friends and family over to help me put on labels. 

I don't sew the lip balm pockets, they are designed & made by my sister Mary!

Production photo| Caroline's Dream

Q: What do you mean when you say your products are really concentrated?

A: I mean that you can use less of my skincare in comparison to big commercial brands. Only a small amount of cream is needed to cover a large area of your skin. Only two swipes of deodorant per armpit... you get the idea. A little bit of product goes a long way and in the end, mine last longer and are far more effective.

 Botanical Face Cleanser photo | Caroline's Dream

Q: What is up with the statement on the shipping note cards about shipping creams in cold temperatures?

A: When creams are shipped or stored in sub-zero temperatures, the coconut oil can form small harmless beads. These are a temperature reaction and will smooth out easily into your skin upon application. Keep in mind, it might not happen but is a possibility if temperatures are -15 degrees for weeks like they were earlier this year.

I hate when anything interferes with the smooth texture of my creams but I am not willing to add artificial emulsifiers that would then be absorbed by your skin to overcome a few weeks of cold weather.

 Product photo | Caroline's Dream

Q: I am not sure which cream to choose for my skin. Should I get a Caroline's Sampler?

A: A Caroline's Sampler has a travel size jar of each of my face & body creams plus a foot cream. It is a great way to discover your favorite cream and the sampler is much less expensive then buying the jars separately.

Caroline's Sampler photo

Alternatively, please feel free to email or call/ text 802.388.5458 and ask me a question. I appreciate the opportunity to help customers find just the right product.