A Great Article on Winter Skincare

I came across an interesting British Press article that touches on a variety of skin issues such as rosacea and eczema. It suggests some of my own best practices:
Be prepared to change your skincare regime for winter. I apply products more frequently all winter and reach for Calendula Cream most often whereas in the summer, I reach for Lavender + Sandalwood Cream. Keep in mind—I live in wintery Vermont.
Avoid washing in really hot water and using soaps and detergents. I keep the hot baths to a minimum and always use my Botanical Face Cleanser—not soap—to wash my face.
Try to consume only good quality foods and oils. It's those same oils that I use in my products for your skin!
 Winter dry skin: What’s causing your blotchy, flaky complexion?
Winter dry skin: What's causing your blotchy, flaky complexion?