Our Skin's Sense Of Time Helps Protect Against UV Damage

I came across an interesting article written by NPR's Maanvi Singh about how our skin protects us from the sun according to the time of day. 
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Excerpts from the article: 

"We all feel the biological master clock, ticking deep within our brains, that tells us when to sleep and when to wake. Well, it turns out that our skin cells have a circadian rhythm of their own.

Researchers have found that depending on the time of day, our skin's stem cells busy themselves with different types of tasks. During the day, our epidermis works to defend itself against ultraviolet light from the sun. But at night, it focuses instead on regenerating cells that were damaged during the day. This built-in system helps protect us from premature ageing and skin cancer."

It's good to know that our skin is already on task to protect us from everyday sun exposure. Imagine how well it will do if we select good products, eat well and rest completely at night?