Summertime skin challenges have easy solutions!

1. Mild Sunburns: That moment when your skin is on fire and you need to get out of your bathing suit knowing that clothes are going to scratch your tender skin - ow! I reach for Super Skin Salve .It's anti-inflammatory properties soothe immediately, adds much needed moisture and herbs speed along the healing process. 

2. Bug bites: Super Skin Salve again. My husband hardly ever gets mosquito bites, but the little buggers lay in wait for me. My bites swell up for days on end unless I use a little bit of this salve. Those anti-inflammatory properties and herbs work wonders here too.


3. Gardening Hands: I love spending time in my flowerbeds but my hands can literally take a beating form all the grubbing and digging. Afterwards, I wash them well and reach for some Calendula Cream. Calendula is the perfect counterbalance to the dryness and mild repair needed. And since the creams are never greasy, I can enjoy a cup of tea without dropping my mug.


4. Toenail fungus: We all want to wear our cute summer sandals with confidence. Two words, Relief Salve. Black Walnut oil is a powerful anti fungal and combined with tea tree essential oil, it's exactly what you are seeking. 




5. After Beach Scratchiness: You're back home after a great day at the beach when you notice that your skin feels tight, maybe even with a hint of sandpapery feel. I reach for Lavender & Sandalwood Cream. A great moisture cream containing anti-inflammatory essential oils and their scent will transform you!


6. Bare Feet Care: Months of running all over with bare feet can feel like freedom but hardened calluses can be a real challenge. I reach for Peppermint Forest Foot Cream. My favorite is applying it at night and wearing an old pair of socks overnight. I wake up to my feet looking a feeling fabulous!