Community Benefits


I wanted a wool poncho for this coming winter but I do not knit. I saw quite a few online but they were expensive and not the styles or colors that I wanted. I shyly asked one of my friends to take on the project and she said yes! I was only too happy to pay for supplies and her time to get exactly what I desired.

Win-win is how business consultants would describe such a situation but I think of it more in terms of a healthy community. We all have talents and skills to offer our friends and family and there is no reason to reinvent the wheel everyday. I certainly didn't need to learn to knit to get my new poncho. 

I have a few customers who like to make their own skincare and I encourage them to do so. It takes alchemy and precision to successfully mix oil and water to make a moisture cream. So satisfying to get it right! But they don't always have the time to make their own and I am glad that they turn to me to fill in the gaps. 

I love that my skills go towards taking care of a large community of people - all of you! It is important to me that these products nurture both you and your skin. I know you deserve that in these busy times and I work hard everyday to make the best skincare possible. 

It is my pleasure to offer my skills in our community!