Comparing Prices

Caroline's Dream prices support a liveable wage for me as your craftsperson. I work hard to keep my products affordable which is a challenge since I don't have the volume buying power of a large skincare company. 

Have you ever been curious about a price comparison to other similar skincare? I did the breakdown math for you at cost per ounce: 


Caroline's Dream Calendula Cream - $31.99/ 4 oz jar = $8.00/ oz.


Burt's Bees's Skin Nourishment Cream - $17.99/1.8 oz jar = $9.99/oz.

Honest's Deep Hydration Cream - $27.99/ 1.69 oz jar = $16.56/oz.

Badger Balm's Damascus Rose Beauty Balm - $16.99/ 1 oz jar = $16.99/oz.

Fat Co.'s UnMyrrhaculous Face Cream - $28/1 oz jar = $28.00/oz

Tata Harper's Regenerative Moisturizer - $116/1.66 oz bottle = $69.88/oz.


I use larger containers so there is less packaging waste, and more convenience. In addition, I offer free shipping so please be confident that I am offering you an excellent product at a great price!