Cold & Flu Season - Susan's best product advice

Cold & Flu Season - Susan's best product advice

I don't receive any free samples or affiliate $ for these products. It's just taking apeek into my medicine cabinet!
Wild Branch Foods Elderberry Syrup
  1. Wild Branch Foods Elderberry Syrup  This is what I reach for first and don't put down until the cold is done. It breaks up stubborn, thick congestion (or helps keep it from forming if you use it early enough) and is a great immune booster. Bonus - It tastes good which always wins points with kids and husbands. Made down the road in Charlotte, VT. 


  1. Thayers Lozenges. These are made from slippery elm bark which works with mucus membranes found all over your body (throat, stomach, intestines). This means they soothe a sore throat without the sour stomach side effect from too many throat lozenges and it corrects diarrhea quickly. They come in plain, cherry, maple or tangerine (my favorite). I also gave these to my older son in the car to prevent car sickness when he was a little dude.


  1. Crystal Garden Herbs Bath Salts  Soothes achy muscles and breaks up the gunk at the same time in a lovely smelling bath. What's not to like?



Susan's Chest Rub Recipe:
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
 Apply liberally to chest (front and back) 2-3 times a day when congestion and cough are a problem. Discard whatever you don't use and start with a fresh batch each time.