Happy New Year!

I have big and little plans for this new year and decade.

First, there will be more Middlebury area deliveries. Customers and I have enjoyed this experiment, so deliveries remain on the menu for 2020. Whether they are to Elmer Farm, Aqua Vi Tea, Green Mtn School of Yoga class in Brandon or to your work/home - it's fun and good for business. Plus, I will be back on the Caroline's Cruiser in the spring.

Caroline's Cruiser


Second, I will be headed (with my pal Jennifer) back to Rasputitsa at the end of April. This cold, muddy, snowy and exceptionally fun bike event in Burke, VT is hard to explain. Imagine a whole bunch of really enthusiastic cyclists getting on their bikes when there is still snow in the mountains and they ride all around those mountains on gravel and class 4 roads. but first, they throw a big party the night before. That's where you'll find Jennifer & I with the Caroline's Cruiser passing out samples and making friends.



In packaging news: Now that all the glass jar lids have been changed over from plastic to metal, it's time to transition the plastic twist up tubes for the deodorant and sunscreen to compostable paperboard tubes. I will also be phasing out the plastic shrink wrap safety seals on the glass jars. We just don't need this extra plastic waste in packaging anymore and I want to support new earth friendly packaging options.

I will also be thinking of more ways to support community. How we live our lives can be isolating or lonely even when we are surrounded by people. Last year's Instagram meet-up bike ride in VT was on the right track. Strangers, friends and online followers all coming together for a day. Sharing a bike ride, meal and more. It was a good start anyway. Any ideas you may have - let me know!

Instagram meet up


You can probably see the bike theme in my life but there are other items of interest for this coming year. I will keep the rest as a surprise and I bet there are a few things that will surprise me along the way too!