I got scammed a few weeks ago.

It's been a while since I lost some money to a scammer but I fell for it hook, line and sinker

I was looking to buy some cross back aprons for production days. Bright colors and lots of pockets, non traditional and adding some fun to my day. I saw an ad on Instagram with smiling models and just the kind of aprons I was searching for... I placed an order for 2 aprons. Then waited, and waited, and waited through the holidays.

They weren't cheap, $50 a piece but with a promise of sustainable fabrics and practices and craftmanship - I thought it was a similar business mindset to mine! Finally, after weeks of waiting, my order arrived.

Instead of two aprons, there was only one. Searching for their contact information, there was only an email address listed. No street address, no phone number, just an email. Huh, that's odd.

I wrote a nice note letting them know my order # and the issue (I wanted a second apron)- no response. A few days later I tried again and then again a few days after that I sent it again. A few days after that, I wrote the company a DM (direct message) on Instagram, still no response.

That is when I noticed a comment posted on their Instagram from a frustrated customer who wanted the rest of their order, just like me! I posted a similar comment, asking the company to also help me get in touch with their customer service. A few minutes later, a slew of messages posted from people all over the country with a similar problem! No one was being rude, we were all concerned that we were unable to connect with their customer service. 

A few minutes later, all the comments were erased from Instagram and a few minutes after that, all of us were blocked! A bunch of us had taken screen shots of the comments and we connected with each other, exchanging stories. No one heard from the company and all were owed product. I was lucky to have gotten one apron, most had gotten nothing. 

All of us reported "Her Favorites" as a scam account on Instagram and I have filed a grievance with Paypal and my bank to try to recover the money for the second apron. The apron I did get fell apart the first time I washed it, what a waste! 

I would NEVER treat customers this way. Interestingly enough, a few days before my package arrived, I had an email from a very upset Caroline's Dream customer. I wrote back right away answering her questions. We emailed back and forth a few times before it was all settled. She had misunderstood what size creams she could buy and by the end she was satisfied and happy with her purchase. I do not run and hide from uncomfortable conversations. 

I am a real person, running a real company and if there is an issue, we'll work it out together! In the meantime, I have found a small company here in Vermont who makes aprons and have placed an order with them. Can't wait to have some high quality aprons in another two weeks.

I still haven't gotten a response from the first company.