Everyone is busy - here's me.

I don't know anyone who is not busy. I ask how my friends are and they tell me all about their crazy schedules first and eventually we get to how they ARE. Usually they are tired but committed to whatever dominates their calendar. Me too, but no one wins a busy contest. It is HOW we are busy that differentiates us.

Back in June, I took a part time (8 hours a week) job as the Coordinator of The Makery. It is a maker space operating one night a week in Hannaford Career Center, our local technical/trade school. Members can use the rooms (woodworking, sewing and computer/3D printing) to work on projects while being assisted and overseen by knowledgeable mentors. 

The Makery

It was a surprise to me that taking this gig upset quite a few people. Apparently some thought my business was failing or already kaput. One person was telling their friends that I had gone out of business! Others were mistaken that I was working full time at The Makery and were concerned how I would keep up with my business sales. 

Let me assure everyone - Caroline's Dream is thriving and doing exactly what I planned for this year. I shifted away from wholesale accounts and instead am focused on retail sales. I have less than a handful of wholesale accounts left and I couldn't be happier. Adding local customer deliveries and pick ups at Elmer Farm CSA has been very rewarding. I now get more opportunities to interact with my customers than ever before - all without a storefront. Yay!

Elmer Farm

My time at The Makery is similar to the hours than I used to put in on the Middlebury Selectboard. I love that I get to use my maker, marketing and organizational skills to assist other folks in Addison County to learn new skills and grow their entrepreneurial spirits. It's community service with a paycheck which I get to reinvest back into my business. 

A win for The Makery, Caroline's Dream, my family and my customers. 

Whenever you place an order online there is a section in checkout called 'notes' - please take a minute to tell me what YOU are up to these days. Thanks for sharing!