Low Waste Packaging Updates

    Caroline's Dream containers will never be zero waste, I tried refilling jars when I first started my business and it was not a successful venture. Return shipping on jars was cost prohibitive, messy and I couldn't get the containers clean enough unless I resorted to harsh chemical solvents. I have committed to low waste and sustainable choices that involve low plastic, recyclable and compostable solutions.

   low waste

    In 2019, I focused on making my shipping materials more earth friendly. I have used brown kraft paper packing instead of plastic bubble wrap and inserts for many years. I swapped out plastic lined shipping envelopes for brown kraft paper envelopes and plastic packing tape for brown kraft paper tape. I also swapped the plastic "fragile" stickers placed on the outside of all shipping boxes and envelopes for this fun red ink stamp.

-zero waste skincare packaing

    Finally, I reuse all clean packing materials from my suppliers, most of whom use similar brown kraft paper instead of packing peanuts.


    In 2020, I swapped the plastic Deodorant twist up tubes for some amazing paper push up tubes. I am particularly proud that the new tubes are recyclable AND compostable, chose whatever works better for you. In addition, I swapped the large, clear plastic shrink wrap safety seals on the Deodorant for a small, plastic button safety seal instead. 

    I also swapped the amber jar lids from plastic to metal. Black for the moisture creams and gold for the Super Skin Salve. So much better to be able to recycle the jars AND lids everywhere.

Super Skin Salve Peppermint Forest Foot Cream


    In 2021, I eliminated the plastic shrink wrap safety seal on all the moisture creams and Super Skin Salve. This extra bit of throw away plastic has not been missed and not having to fuss with removing anymore it has been a bonus.

-Caroline's Dream Lip Balms

    I am now researching ways to change the lip balm tubes. I will need to address their shrink wrap safety seal at the same time. Having unsealed lip balms in stores makes me cringe. The current tubes are BPA free and recyclable but I want to eliminate this last bit of plastic packaging by next year if possible.