What does Certified Paleo mean?

I proudly display the Certified Paleo logo on my website. It shows which products have been confirmed to be FREE of grains, legumes, dairy, artificial colors, artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers by the Paleo Foundation.

 Sweet Almond Oil | Caroline's Dream
  You may have heard people talking about 'eating like a caveman' but I think of Paleo  as being thoughtful about what whole foods to eat. Foods restricted by the Paleo diet are common allergens. Many people sensitive to these allergens find they feel better and have more energy while eating a Paleo diet.

  Skincare isn't exactly on the menu, but our skin is the largest organ in the body and what we put on our skin can be just as important and what we consume. You don't have to be on a Paleo diet to use my skincare line, but I am sure you can appreciate that it has been certified to be free of all kinds of artificial junk. Followers of the Paleo diet? I have your back and understand your desire to seek out products that reflect the extra care you take in living your life. 
  I have been eating Paleo for several years and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (an autoimmune thyroid disease) in 2016. It has been a difficult learning curve, but I am managing my Hashimoto's by following a strict Autoimmune Protocol diet ever since. When I don't follow the diet, my body reacts with pain and inflammation for days or weeks.
  Everyone has their challenges, luckily mine can be addressed with good food, exercise, downtime and of course, wonderful skincare to keep my skin hydrated and happy. - Susan
Susan Shashok
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Wondering about tree nut allergies and Sweet Almond Oil as an ingredient?

Updated August 2019

Navigating food allergies for yourself or a family member can be scary, daunting and fraught with misinformation. I don't make this kind of statement lightly since I know all about it. My eldest son, Nikolas was diagnosed with a tree nut allergy over 17 years ago when he was in elementary school.

I was several years into Caroline's Dream production and my first thought was how many gallons of sweet almond oil had touched my hands, kitchen counters and my son during those years!

Almond allergy in Skincare

Luckily, our allergist was quick to explain that the protein in raw nuts is what was triggering my son's skin reaction and that the heat produced during the process of expeller pressing almonds (mechanically grinding and compressing), effectively neutralizes the allergen protein from the resulting oil that I use in my products. what a relief to be able to separate that his chewing an almond produces a reaction but the oil I was using was safe for him to touch.



My business continued to grow along with my son (that's him above). I never took any extra precautions using Sweet Almond oil as an ingredient and he enjoys using my products. His favorites are Calendula cream and the deodorant.

In high school, he found that he could eat small amounts of tree nuts without resulting in a reaction. He doesn't worry about eating nuts anymore. 

Every family is different and I respect all the parents out there making the best choices they can for their loved ones. If you have specific product ingredient concerns, please ask, I love answering questions!



Susan Shashok
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