Did you ever ride a penny-farthing (high wheel)?

This past summer, the Sheldon Museum here in Middlebury hosted a superb collection of antique bicycles. I was able to capture some fun moments when a group of riders brought their high wheels to ride in the area. Here are some warm up spins through the roundabout. Note the interesting ratchet pedaling system for the bike in the second video.

Below the videos are two fuzzy pictures of me, up on the first bike. I didn't ride it, but it was fun to sit on the seat. My legs were too short to reach both pedals anyway!



high wheel

Susan Shashok
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Dangerous chemical, Triclosan is banned in soaps - but it's still out there.


Triclosan Quartz

A banned chemical in anti-bacterial soap is still lurking in practically everything else Americans buy

By Lila MacLellan for Quartz

The US Food and Drug Administration’s recent ban on the chemical triclosan from household antibacterial soaps was a long-overdue victory for public health advocates, worried parents, and vigilant consumers.

Less noticed was the fact that the ban only affects a tiny portion of the products on the market containing the chemical. Triclosan—which in animal studies has been shown to act as a hormone disruptor and raise the risk for all sorts of health and development problems—is still rampant in countless other self-care products in the US, including after-shave, moisturizers, deodorants, body sprays, face masks, dry shampoos, and hand sanitizers, and even a popular toothpaste Americans ingest. It—or one of its chemical cousins—is also often found in “germ-fighting” or “anti-bacterial” versions of just about any type of household product you can imagine: toys, knives, clothing, mouse pads.

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Susan Shashok
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Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op Harvest Festival

 Saturday Sept 17th

Noon - 3 pm

Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op

Come join me for music, food & fun at this popular event. I won't be selling products (you can buy inside the store). 

Instead, I will have tester jars open, answer questions and give away free samples of Deodorant and Peppermint Forest Foot Cream

Susan Shashok
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Valley Voice Article

Blending Inspiration, Environmentalism And Social Responsibility In Caroline’s Dream

Tuesday June 14, 2016

By Cookie Steponaitis

 Susan and Caroline's Cruiser

Susan Shashok is like many Vermonters who were raised with a love of the environment and knowledge that handcrafted was best and as a child visited her grandmother and learned an immense amount about medicinal plants and home arts. “My grandmother Caroline was my inspiration,” explained Susan Shashok. “I remember her incredible knowledge of medicinal plants and her beauty regime that included products all from nature.”

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Susan Shashok
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Vermont Farm to Fork Fondo - 2016

Last Sunday was the Vermont Farm to Fork Fondo where Caroline's Dream set up a vendor booth and I cycled the smaller, 35 mile course. I am very proud to partner with Farm to Fork and gave away 500 Maple Lip Balms to all participants. It was a great day to ride and I am grateful to my events team for working from 5am - 7pm!

The Farm to Fork Fondo series is designed to bring awareness to, support and celebrate this symbiotic relationship between cyclists, farms and beautiful landscapes. All of the funds raised for the Fondo Volunteer Competition is donated to local farms and farm organizations. That means at the end of each Fondo, checks help local farmers with projects like building a new farm stand or creating a new website, and to help local organizations advance their causes like preserving the county's beautiful pastoral open space.

- Susan Shashok



Susan Shashok
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cyclocross magazine review


by Daniel Curtain Jr.

With warming spring weather and everyone taking to the outdoors for ever more riding, the activity we all love and the resulting increased sun exposure can take its toll on our skin. Skin care and cycling are common bedfellows, with everything from chamois creams and embrocations to sunscreens and special detergents to clean technical wear.

But what about repairing damaged skin either from exposure to the elements or the inevitable tumble riders tend to take?

Caroline's Dream has a line of products designed to restore damaged skin. The company is run by Susan Shashok, but takes its name and ethos from Shashok’s grandmother, whose use of medicinal plants and home remedies inspired Shashok.

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Susan Shashok
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Gina Bullard from WCAX was here!

Gina Bullard WCAX Made in Vermont
It was a big day here - Gina Bullard from WCAX came to tape a segment of her Made in Vermont Show! Lots of action shots of me making product, a nice interview and some bonus footage of me riding Caroline's Cruiser. So much fun!
Susan Shashok
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Middlebury 5-0 Interview

The owner of Caroline’s Dream, a local handcrafted skincare product
business, and the Director of the Addison County Economic Development
Corporation collaborate in this wonderful show about community-oriented
entrepreneurship and a revolutionary approach to business funding. Susan
talks about her paleo-friendly, locally-rooted business model. She
introduces her Yuba delivery bicycle (a truly magnificent specimen),
partially funded through a Clean-Energy Grant awarded by the ACEDC. These
engrossing and articulate women go on to explain how Caroline’s Dream is
planning to expand through a Kiva Zip loan – an innovative funding
mechanism poised to transform small business lending and the fabric of
economic development.
Recorded 3/24/16.
Susan Shashok
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Cruelty Free List

We made the Cruelty Free List over at Logical Harmony, a great resource for cruelty-free and vegan skincare companies.

As Tashina Coombs, creator of Logical Harmony notes " It’s not an aggregation of information from other sites. Logical Harmony does all it’s own brand research and includes only brands that we can be sure are cruelty free with vegan options. These brands are also contacted on regular basis so that this list can stay fresh and up to date."

Caroline's Dream is NOT vegan (we use beeswax) but we are proud to say that we never test on animals and never buy our ingredients from those who do!

Susan Shashok
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Check out our Company Vehicle!

Our company vehicle, this amazing Yuba cargo bike has just arrived! It will get a sign and a name - join the voting going on today on Instagram.  Locals will see me riding all over town to pick up supplies, make deliveries and work special events when riding conditions are less wintery!

We encourage health and wellness with all of our products and with the choices we make everyday. Especially with healthy food, exercise and community impacts. I'll ring the ding-a-ling bell for you!


Susan Shashok
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Eczema, Psoriasis & Burns, Oh my!

Susan Shashok
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