Why function is just as important as beauty.

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Great skincare products are supposed to nourish your skin, supporting and increasing your health in a functional way. Not just temporarily plumping, stretching or hiding skin that is dry, aging or damaged. I carefully choose base oils, herbs and essential oils that each play a valuable part in my formulas. No harsh chemicals, preservatives, fillers or concealers here, we don't need them!  Let your own beautiful skin have the spotlight.

Great skincare doesn't have to cost $200 per half ounce. I have been criticized for not charging more for my products. Yeah, I could compete equally with high end lines but I want mine to be accessible to everyday people. It's about integrity, I would never prey on people's desire to look and feel better about themselves. We both deserve better than that narrow way of looking at the world. 

I had to increase prices for a few items in 2018. Not my favorite thing to do but the cost of travel sized glass jars and some of the essential oils skyrocketed. I changed prices only on the items affected. I am firm in my mission to source only quality ingredients, not cheap fillers and handcraft each batch. 

Susan Shashok | Caroline's Dream

Handcrafted products means I am tied to every aspect of production, sales and customer interaction. Do I love sourcing the best ingredients, making a batch of cream extra smooth or writing personal notes in each order that goes out? Absolutely! I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Susan Shashok
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by Daniel Curtain Jr.

With warming spring weather and everyone taking to the outdoors for ever more riding, the activity we all love and the resulting increased sun exposure can take its toll on our skin. Skin care and cycling are common bedfellows, with everything from chamois creams and embrocations to sunscreens and special detergents to clean technical wear.

But what about repairing damaged skin either from exposure to the elements or the inevitable tumble riders tend to take?

Caroline's Dream has a line of products designed to restore damaged skin. The company is run by Susan Shashok, but takes its name and ethos from Shashok’s grandmother, whose use of medicinal plants and home remedies inspired Shashok. Combined with her own background and search for products effective on sensitive skin, Shashok created Caroline’s Dream to offer products that are both effective and ecologically sound.

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Caroline’s Dream is based in Vermont and takes some of its community-based cues from Shashok’s time at Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream maker. Caroline’s Dream products feature thoughtfully sourced ingredients and materials. And Shashok, an avid cyclist, even uses a cargo bike as the company vehicle.

We have a few of the Caroline’s Dream products in for testing, including their Lavender + Sandalwood Cream for dry, damaged skin, which also touts anti-inflamatory properties and is said to be ideal for sensitive skin, the Super Skin Salve designed for severely cracked skin but also good for sunburn and scrapes, the company’s Super Skin Salve, Caroline’s Dream lip balms.

We’ve already taken a liking to the lip balms, which are not as soft as many others on the market, and the Super Skin Salve which has greatly helped with dry hands, albeit leaving a sheen on the skin. And we used the Lavender and Sandalwood cream after a long weekend in the saddle at a training camp and the cream cleared an irritated spot in just two applications.

It goes without saying that riders in particularly sunny climates would serve themselves well to protect their skin while out. But each of us also knows that sometimes we need some after-the-fact care. We’ll be testing the Caroline’s Dream products and will be bringing you a full review in the future.

Susan Shashok
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