What makes Caroline's Dream lip balms so nice to use?

Lip Balms | Caroline's Dream


First of all, your lips deserve to feel soft and supple without having to constantly reapply product. The big manufacturers encourage lip balm addictions. How?

Did you know that one of the most popular drug store lip balms contains three ingredients that are acids? It performs a mild skin peel every time it is applied. That is why your lips feel so soft then quickly dries out and feels tender. So you reapply and the cycle continues again and again.

My lip balms are excellent at doing their job, which is to moisturize your lips without feeling greasy. You will only need to apply a few times over an entire day because it is not stripping away any layers. Instead, it is healing dry areas and keeping your lips ready for a day at the beach, that big presentation at work or welcoming your sweetie home.

The highlight ingredient is calendula oil which I make by hand. Organic calendula flowers are steeped in extra virgin olive oil for hours over low heat, stirring frequently so the flowers impart their healing properties into the oil. 

Calendula has a long history of soothing and healing dry, irritated skin. It is safe yet powerful, gentle yet effective and my favorite herb to use. Its beautiful golden color assures me that it is making every batch of lip balm you use - very special.

I source only the finest ingredients and treat them with care during production to maximize their effectiveness. Local Vemont beeswax, expeller pressed almond oil and organic essential oils.

Enjoy - Susan