Zero Waste Changes

Zero waste living means aiming to reduce landfill bound trash to the bare minimum. Limiting plastics use because it has a short recycling life compared to glass and metal. 
zero waste
I have been using canvas bags for shopping and buying in bulk or from local farms as much as possible for 22+ years. My family composts food waste and the dried herbs left from infusions. I am careful where I source my ingredients and recycle clean packaging whenever possible. But I recognize that I can do so much more and will be stepping up my Zero Waste choices for Caroline's Dream over the next year.
I will be phasing in metal lids replacing the black plastic lids on the amber glass jars. Metal is sturdier (if you drop the jar, the lids will dent but not break easily like the plastics do) and everyone can reuse or recycle them easily. 
You will notice more zero waste options such as upcoming sunscreen will have a choice for customers of a plastic twist tube or metal tin. 
sunscreen | Caroline;s Dream  Sunscreen | Caroline's Dream
I have replaced the plastic "FRAGILE" stickers with a rubber stamp. Far less plastic in the waste stream and a little fun a the same time (see pic below).
Fragile photo

I already use brown paper packing materials but will be phasing in paper tape to replace the plastic kind.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for more changes, please let me know!