Cancer Treatments are easier with Calendula

   Calendula can be applied externally for a wide range of skin problems. Such as inflammation, dry skin, abrasions, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, and burns. This herb is deeply healing to skin and has antiseptic, antibacterial and astringent properties that work well alongside (not to replace) conventional Cancer treatments.. 
   I hand make Calendula oil by steeping Organic Calendula Flowers in gently heated Extra Virgin Olive Oil, stirring frequently for many, many hours before straining out the flowers. 
    Calendula is particularly helpful to ease many side effects of Cancer Treatments. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way and make sure to discuss any of my products with your Oncologist. I keep my Oncologist updated on my medicines, supplements and which skincare products I am using.  Every person and every cancer is different, I am happy to help you choose just the right products for your situation. 
  * Chemotherapy: sooth irritated ports with Calendula Cream and Big Lip Balms nourish dry lips.
  * Surgery: massage surgical scars with Calendula Cream. Please wait until after stitches or plastic tape is removed (typically 3-5 weeks). Calendula Cream is also perfect for daily Lymphatic Massage.
   * Radiation: Super Skin Salve will help the most with severe irritation from radiation treatments and then follow with regular Calendula Cream use.
  * Hormone Therapy:  use Calendula Cream on extra dry skin and for daily Lymphatic Massage. Big Lip Balms keep lips delightfully smooth.
 * For All: This deodorant is effective, smells great and like all my products, a little lasts a long time. Has a creamy texture and is non-irritating to sensitive underarm areas. Especially nice for breast cancer survivors who don't need anything else irritating their skin!
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