One Session: 45 min phone call

We all have the ability to listen to our spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. If fear or inexperience makes these communications too difficult for you, I am here to help. I can communicate with your spirits directly or assist you in developing your own spiritual abilities and self trust. 

These kinds of interactions have been a part of my life since I was a small child. I am able to detect their presence, hear words and see pictures they use to communicate.  

What can you expect from a session?  

I like clients to be comfortable enough to ask questions as we go along. We can either try to contact particular spirits or simply see where the session take us. I share messages and the general mood of your spirits, many are quirky and quite funny.

I am able to communicate with loved ones and pets only if they they have something to share. My favorite is helping you understand your higher being spirits, also known as spirit guides or guardian angels.

Information can be emotionally uplifting or challenging for clients to hear. Only spirits who would be welcome in your home are invited, no need to be nervous about who might show up.

No predictions, those aren't my skill set. You are welcome to take notes since I do not make recordings. All information we discuss is confidential.   

Purchase a 45 minute session and I will contact you to schedule our time together.


Consultations require you to agree to a release and waiver during checkout. You can preview the form here.


 The following Cancellation Policy applies only after we have scheduled a session:

  • If you are unavailable at our scheduled date & time, I will try again, five minutes later. 
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your session. Failure to keep a session will result in forfeiture and I keep the full fee.
  • If you experience an emergency in the 24 hours prior to your session, please notify me asap. If we are able to reschedule your session in a reasonable time period, you will not forfeit your session. 

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