One session: 30 minute phone call

Shopping online is one of the most challenging ways to buy new skincare items. Unfamiliar products and no testers to try on can feel like you are gambling with your hard earned money. So frustrating if the products don't work as expected.

I am pleased to offer time to discuss your skincare routine in detail, answer questions and match you to products. I have been making skincare for 22+ years so I have plenty of knowledge we can utilize. I will even refer you to products from other companies if I feel they are a better fit. 

Take the guesswork out of choosing and start using items made for your skin's special needs. 

Simply purchase a 30 minute session and I will contact you to schedule our time together.


All consultations require you to agree to a release and waiver during checkout. You can preview the form here.


 The following Cancellation Policy applies only after we have scheduled a session:

  • If you are unavailable at our scheduled date & time, I will try again, five minutes later. 
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your session. Failure to keep a session will result in forfeiture and I keep the full fee.
  • If you experience an emergency in the 24 hours prior to your session, please notify me asap. If we are able to reschedule your session in a reasonable time period, you will not forfeit your session. 

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