The Magic of Calendula & Cancer Treatments

Caroline's Dream - Calendula Flowers and Cancer Treatments
   Calendula is one of my favorite herbs. The petals can be applied externally for a wide range of skin problems. Such as inflammation, dry skin, abrasions, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, burns and cancer treatments. The herb is deeply healing to skin and safe enough for babies nursing on treated breasts to applying on their delicate newborn skin. Calendula has antiseptic, antibacterial and astringent properties that work in tandem with it's healing abilities. 
   I make Calendula oil by steeping Organic Calendula Flowers in heated Extra Virgin Olive Oil, stirring frequently for many, many hours before straining out the flowers. This oil is the star ingredient in my Super Skin Salve, Big Lip Balms and Calendula Cream.
Caroline's Dream - Calendula and Cancer Treatments
    Calendula can be of particular use to those receiving radiation during cancer treatments. Radiation exposure typically causes DNA damage and skin toxicity and topical Calendula brings all of its healing properties to mitigate damage, soothe and speed the healing process.
    Many of my customers have successfully used it during their cancer treatments. Apply Calendula Cream on breasts and surrounding tissues (or wherever the radiation treatment is targeted) as well as bruised skin covering ports.
    If you are anticipating or already experiencing radiation sores, Super Skin Salve will help the most with the irritation and then follow with regular Calendula Cream use. 
    Dry mouth is very common during cancer treatments, especially during Chemotherapy so Big Lip Balms help keep lips moist and comfortable all day and night.
    Calendula is a soothing partner to bring along any cancer journey. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way.