Something about Susan

Caroline Ridge Trevose, PA    

This pretty lady is my grandmother, Caroline. Her love of medicinal plants & home arts was the inspiration to make my first moisture cream. 
Riding bicycles, working at Ben & Jerry's and other VT landscapes shaped the environmental and social responsibility parts of my business. Carefully sourcing packaging & ingredients, small batch manufacturing, my Caroline's Cruiser cargo bike and partnering with those who share my mission in the community - Health, wellness & fun.
Susan at Middlebury Block Party
I started Caroline's Dream because I couldn't find any chemical-free products that worked on my sensitive, acne prone skin. Mixing a love of science, herbal training and UVM degree, I created an effective line of products that is delightful to use. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, the quality of what we apply to the surface of our bodies is just as important as the quality of the food we consume.
I am an avid bicyclist, yogini and local elected official. I enjoy empowering people (especially women) to see themselves as strong community participants and leaders of our world. Celebrate your strengths - health and wellness are key to living a joyful life!


Watch more about my Company by clicking: WCAX, TV Feature - "Made in Vermont":