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An aluminum-free deodorant with no harmful additives that really works! This is not an antiperspirant. Sweating is healthy for your body, but why not smell good while you sweat?

Enthusiastically given a thumbs up by more than 50 testers, it does it's job during long bike rides, crossfit workouts, yard work, a farmer's long days in the fields and so much more. I have always needed extra strength formulas to get through my day and this Certified Paleo deodorant does the trick without any rashes or irritation to sensitive armpits. The scent is best described as clean, not fragrant. 

Apply 2-3 swipes to each armpit, then do your morning prep for a minute or two before dressing. A 2 oz.Tube lasts me manymonths of daily application. Choose between the 2 oz. tube or 0.35 oz. mini tube.

Best if used within 10 months of opening. 

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter *, Arrowroot Powder *, Vermont Beeswax, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Powder, Essential Oils of Tea Tree & Lemon * .       *Organic

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If you have always used a strong commercial brand anti-perspirant which prevents your body from sweating naturally, you may find this customer story helpful. Some people experience a brief, detox period when they first switch to a natural deodorant.

"I wanted to pass along my experience using your new deodorant, especially if it helps any new "converts". I liked the healthier idea of dropping antiperspirants but the "crystals" were not strong enough and a competitor's product was too tacky/ sticky. I started then quit using your product three times before I realized what was happening. I would start, then hit a "stinky" wall about three days in, then I would give up (having offended myself).
I realized that perhaps after 30+ years of using products that blocked my glands, perhaps there was some purging of the system that was going on. Try #4 was a success after I pushed back this stage, then by the 5th day all was good. I now use your deodorant everyday (5 + months now), without a single day of " offending myself!"

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