The sun is your friend but cover clothing, a nice hat and reapplying protection throughout the day are wise things to include in any outdoor adventures.

All the ingredients included in my formula have their own natural sun screening properties but it's the non-nano zinc oxide that takes it to the next level. Non-nano means the particles are large enough that they do not penetrate the skin surface. This maximizes the sun blocking factor and you won't have any zinc oxide inside your body at the end of the day. 

For my 2 hour or less bike rides, I only apply before I go. For longer rides, I apply before and then reapply while I snack at approximately 2 hour intervals. It will add a whitish layer to your skin which doesn't bother me but hey, I am a pale person. My skin loves all the added moisturizing and my tattoo is staying sharp and colorful. 

I had this formula officially tested for an SPF rating and water resistance a few years ago. This was before I learned that an SPF labelled product can only be sold if it was manufactured in a certified drug manufacturing facility. That is not my wheelhouse, so I shelved the whole thing. This year I am rethinking my idea by making it for my customers without referencing any SPF rating. Why? Because it's a shame to hold back a great product.

This is a Limited Batch item and will move to my regular skincare line if it proves to be popular. I am taking this time to experiment with packaging and labeling so your feedback can help shape my decisions if you chose to share your thoughts.

Packaged in a 22g / .77 oz. twist tube.

Best if used within 12 months of opening.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Non-nano Zinc Oxide Powder, Vermont Beeswax, Organic Essential Oils of Eucalyptus and Rosemary

If you are already burned because of another company's product, you'll want some Super Skin Salve.

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