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Calendula Cream (for extra dry skin)

$ 36.00

This is my most popular face + body cream.

I begin with Organic Calendula Flowers and heat them gently in Extra Virgin Olive Oil at a low temperature for hours and hours. The resulting infused oil is packed with healing and antioxidant properties which makes this cream excellent for dry, damaged skin. I use this cream fall, winter and early spring.

A delight to use with a mild beeswax scent and a light golden hue, it reduces inflammation while deeply moisturizing. Contains no essential oils so it's perfect for customers who are sensitive to fragrances. Packaged in 4oz. or 1oz. amber glass jars. 

Navigating a Cancer diagnosis and treatment is challenging. Calendula's wonderful properties are here to support (not replace), conventional Cancer treatments. Oncologists have been safely recommending Calendula for their patients for many years.  

  1. Soothe skin covering ports and all sensitive radiation areas.
  2. Use for daily Lymphatic Massage and easing phantom breast pain.
  3. Cancer meds really dry out your skin, use this cream wherever it's needed.

For peak performance, please use within 10 months of opening.

 Ingredients: Distilled Water, Coconut Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil Infused with Calendula Flowers*, Vermont Beeswax        * Organic