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2022 Local Bike Delivery Season closing soon.

In August I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my treatments begin mid September. Local Bike Delivery Season ends on Sept 9th, 2022 and will return in Spring 2023. Delivery/Pickup Schedule.

I have decades of experience making skincare in small batches, so my website will remain open for business. I have lots of help to pack and ship items so please don't think your orders are a burden at this time. Quite the opposite, having work is just what I need.

Learn more about Calendula Cream and Cancer Treatments.

Care for your products & Contact

Please store out of direct sunlight, avoid extreme temperatures and contact me with any concerns.

Occasionally, when creams are shipped in freezing winter temperatures or stored in cold rooms, the natural coconut oil can start to solidify, forming tiny harmless beads. This is a reaction to the temperature and smooths out easily into your skin upon application.

Have a question? Susan Shashok   call/text (802) 388.5458  or email

“I originally purchased the sample pack. It’s a great introduction. These are quality products that seem to last. Last summer my twins purchased the four ounce cream and I just now reordered for this summer. They used every bit of the lavender cream and begged me to reorder. Be confident that this is a company where you can actually contact the owner & get a quick response.”

- Janice