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Cruelty Free sourced ingredients. Organic Botanicals. Certified Paleo. Made in VT.
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Susan + Caroline

More than 20 years ago I couldn't find any chemical-free products that worked on my sensitive, acne prone skin and I tried them all. I decided to stop searching and get to work. I blended my knowledge of herbs, science and agribusiness to create a line of skincare that is highly effective and delightful to use. I make every item by hand with the finest ingredients available. This means your skin gets only the good stuff and none of the junk.


The cool bike is my Caroline's Cruiser. I love being outdoors, especially while riding  a bike. I use my big red cargo to make deliveries and run Pop Up Shops. Life is an adventure - go let the wind blow in your hair, the sun shine on your skin and get some mud on your clothes!
The pretty lady in black and white is my grandmother, Caroline. Her love of medicinal herbs, Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic and handcrafted pride was the inspiration to start my company. It is the cornerstone of why I value both beauty and function.

- Susan

Susan Shashok | Caroline’s Dream
Caroline Nortenheim Ridge | Caroline’s Dream

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Customer Jennifer says -

"My closet shelf was cluttered with half used products. I couldn't remember what I was trying to use up! I went for an opposite clean - took out everything and only put back what I really wanted to have in my life. Caroline's Dream Calendula Cream and Botanical Face Cleanser went back onto a calm, simple shelf. They're the ones that make me happy. "