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Care for your products & Contact

All my products are very concentrated, a little goes a long way. If creams feel greasy, you are using too much.

Please store out of direct sunlight, avoid extreme temperatures and contact me with any concerns.

Occasionally, when creams are shipped in freezing winter temperatures or stored in cold rooms, the natural coconut oil can start to solidify, forming tiny harmless coconut beads. This is a reaction to the temperature and smooths out easily into your skin upon application.

Have a question? Susan Shashok   call/text (802) 388.5458  or email:

"I found you after I had my double mastectomy, because after that kind of cancer diagnosis almost 12 years ago, I began to reevaluate everything that goes on or in my body...

Thankful you were there with your deodorant- because going without and experimenting was tough! "

- Melissa