Handcrafted with Integrity

Lavender | Caroline's Dream

I source from reputable suppliers and use only sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients. I handcraft each batch using Organic Botanicals whenever possible. Herbs are chosen carefully to impart their scent and healing properties into every product. 


Look for the Certified Paleo logo on products - What does this mean?

Certified Paleo | Caroline's Dream



My beeswax comes from Dancing Bee Gardens, right in my backyard of East Middlebury. Their Organically produced beeswax is a pleasure to use and adds another layer of healing properties to every jar, tin and tube I produce.



"My closet shelf was cluttered with half used products. I couldn't remember what I was trying to use up! I went for an opposite clean - took out everything and only put back what I really wanted to have in my life. Caroline's Dream Calendula Cream makes me happy. "

- Jennifer