Handcrafted with Integrity

NO sulfates, parabens or animal testing.
YES small batch, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients + packaging.
I work with reputable suppliers and use only sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients. I handcraft each batch using Organically grown botanicals whenever possible. Herbs are carefully chosen and gently handled to impart their maximum healing properties into every product. As of 2022, all my packaging is easily recyclable and/or biodegradable.
Calendula Flowers

Notes on oils (Emollient = quality of softening and soothing skin)

  1. Sweet Almond – light emollient. Nearly odorless, it works well on all skin types. Is on the dryer side of moisturizing so it does well to combine with a heavier oil like coconut and smells wonderful. Very rich in fatty oils. 
  1. Calendula Infused Olive Oil – deep emollient. Olive oil is a nutritive and stable oil. Excellent for dry and damaged skin because of Calendula’s healing, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. 
  1. Comfrey Infused Olive Oil – deep emollient. Olive oil is a nutritive and stable oil. Comfrey used to be known as knit-bone for its reparative properties for skin, burns, wounds, and breaks. When Comfrey is used in the later stages of wound healing, it helps prevent scar formations.
  1. Coconut Oil – medium emollient. Solid at room temperature but loosens and melts at 76 F. Has a cooling property which works well with sun products and burn remedies. Excellent cream thickener and skin moisturizer. 
  1. Shea Butter – medium to heavy emollient. Solid at room temperature and is a good salve and cream thickener. Slightly grainy, it brings healing properties for cracked, bruised, or damaged skin and even though it’s thick, it penetrates the skin leaving it soft and smooth.
  1. Cocoa Butter – is an occlusive, which means it is a skin barrier not an emollient – solid at room temperature but melts when applied to skin. Highly protective since it stays on the surface of the skin and has water repellent properties.


  Beeswax comes from Dancing Bee Gardens, right here in East Middlebury, VT. Their Organically produced beeswax is a pleasure to use and adds another layer of healing properties to every jar, tin and tube.
Other product ingredients come from:
Starwest Botanicals and Liberty Natural Products
  "Love this stuff! It is the only thing I will use on my face. I also use for any irritations that come along. And, Susan is a dream to do business with, thanks for all the love you put into your business!" - Juliet