Susan + Caroline

The pretty lady circa 1920's below, is my grandmother, Caroline. Her love of medicinal herbs and Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic was my inspiration to start my company and honor beauty and function in its products.  
Caroline's Dream Info on Susan and Caroline

      Caroline's talent shone in everyday items such as the quilts and crochet work she made for her family. I have four of her quilts and enough Christmas tree ornaments to decorate several trees at a time! Her large garden had a supply of fresh veggies throughout the summer. Bread dough was continually rising, baking or being eaten somewhere in her house.

 Sadly, Caroline died when I was still a teenager but her work ethic and pride in handcrafting was the inspiration to start my company.


Over 24 years ago, I searched in vain for chemical-free products to soothe my sensitive, acne prone skin. I decided to stop searching and instead utilize my knowledge of herbs, agriculture science and entrepreneurship to formulate my own line of skincare that is highly effective and a delight to use. I use only the finest ingredients available and lovingly craft each batch with my own hands.

I love being outdoors, especially riding bikes and hiking around Vermont. In August 2022, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was scary and overwhelming. Luckily, I already make the exact products that helped me recover and heal from my double mastectomy. You can read about my cancer journey HERE -

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